Is Twitter Dying?

Is Twitter Dying? No.

Twitter’s not dying, but it might be choking.

This isn’t a new question by any means, but in the past 12-18 months it’s been less will it? and more when will it? So let’s get back to the real discussion.

Twitter’s not dying, and your company needs to be actively engaged on the platform.

However, being actively engaged on Twitter looks VERY different than Facebook or any other platform. Everywhere else, it’s about pushing content, and customer interaction is secondary (whether you want to admit it or not). You’ll post a new article or promotion, always sort of a “look at us!” even if it’s not directly about your brand.

Utilizing Twitter as a Business

Twitter has an attention problem. A nonstop stream from the fire-hose of its 310 million active users. Don’t add to it.

Your tweet about a blog post isn’t going to be seen. A tweet with a call-to-action isn’t going to get any traction.

Twitter is your conversation platform. Your tweets should be one-to-one interactions with a few types of people:

  1. Users talking about your brand/product/service
  2. Users to whom you can add value with information
  3. [If applicable] Users in your city talking about goings on in the area

Number one is of course most important. You should be responding to @ mentions, searching for your brand name to thwart complaints, and thanking people who are saying positive things.

Number two mustn’t be confused with self-promotion. You can offer up information or assistance in ways that don’t involve pushing them toward your site. Hell, it doesn’t even have to be related to your industry! Exposure is exposure. ESPECIALLY if you’re selling a product — you never know what a random click to your profile could lead a person to buy.

Lastly, local businesses can take this a step further. By using, you can see tweets being posted in your city. Couple the search with a keyword (maybe an event is going on, or perhaps you want to see who’s talking about you nearby), and you have a direct list of people to interact with in a contextual manner.

Twitter is your chat tool

In any capacity, just remember: you’re there to add value in a conversational sense. No pushing to buy, no unwelcome self-promotion. The return will come with sincere interactions over time.

If you must, think of Twitter as your free customer service chat tool. It’s an unmatched source of live-streamed thoughts and interactions, and it’s the closest thing to a real conversation you can possibly have with non-customers. Take advantage of it!

Day dream about Twitter dying?

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