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E-Marketing vs. Digital Marketing: Which One is Better?

E-Marketing vs. Digital Marketing: Which One is Better?

A lot of people don’t fully know the difference between e-marketing and digital marketing. Others just assume that e-marketing comes under digital marketing. All in all, people fail to acknowledge the differences between the two, as well as the pros and cons of each kind of marketing. Before we tackle the latter, we are going go for the former. Understanding the differences between the two means understanding what both of these kinds of marketing really are, so we are first going to look at this in order to gain a better understanding of what kind of marketing is better.

The Differences Between The Two

To start off with, digital marketing is a much broader term. There are things that you do in digital marketing that you don’t do in e-marketing. This is because of the fact that digital marketing also includes things such as electronic billboards as well as a variety of things that are not otherwise present on the internet. Essentially, digital marketing doesn’t just focus on the internet. We think of things like influencers, SEO, in app ads and marketing as well as social media marketing programs and associate them with digital marketing but the fact of the matter is that this term means more than that.

The truth is that e-marketing is what you are actually thinking about. E-marketing is a term that refers to all marketing that is done on the internet. Hence, search engine optimization definitely comes into play here. Influencers are involved in e-marketing as well, and social media plays a very in depth role in the success of the various e-marketing campaigns that are currently being work on out there. You may think that this confirms that e-marketing is just a subset of digital marketing, but it is also so much more than that.

This is because of the fact that e-marketing isn’t just any kind of marketing that is done on the internet, it also requires the establishment of relationships with the consumers. E-marketing is thus more than digital marketing in certain ways. It involves enticing customers to leave you reviews that would allow your products to become more prominent and renowned, and referral programs are generally involved in this as well. Basically, e-marketing involves a lot of customer relationship management, or CRM, that digital marketing often ignores. This makes it a different beast entirely in many ways.

Which One is Better

In order to understand which kind of marketing is better for you, let’s see the trends that 2019 is going to be full of. Here are some of the biggest trends that you should definitely keep an eye on.

Facebook’s Constant Expansion

Anyone that works in the field of digital marketing will agree that Facebook is one of the most important aspects of this field. The social media platform had a pretty bad year in 2018, with millions of users having their data stolen as well as the notorious Cambridge Analytica Scandal.

However, in spite of all of these setbacks Facebook has continued to grow. 2 out of every 3 American adults say that they use Facebook according to a recent survey conducted by the Pew Research Center. Indeed, many adults have stated that Facebook is where they get a majority of their information. They also use it as a primary place of social interaction. Facebook makes social interaction so utterly convenient that people just keep using it, which has resulted in the company growing on a pretty consistent basis ever since it was established over a decade ago.

Facebook is improving as well, which is probably a big part of the reason why it has continued to grow in recent times. All of the updates that Facebook has been throwing our way such as the new jobs section and the increased emphasis on the groups feature has made it seem like a much more promising contender, which is incredible considering the vast amounts of bad press that it ended up receiving over the course of 2019.

YouTube is As Popular As Ever

Facebook is very popular indeed, but one thing that you might be surprised to hear is that YouTube is even more widely used. Indeed, the Pew Research Center confirmed that the rate of use among American adults that were aged between 18 to 24 years old is 94%, so nearly all adults within this age bracket use YouTube on a regular basis. This actually makes it the primary platform being currently used by American adults! One thing that you might think here is that YouTube is not a social network as it were, at least not in the same manner that Facebook is. However, there are social aspects to it, and it is used to gain insight into people’s lives. What this means in the world of digital marketing is that brands are going to be more willing to invest in video campaigns that will be conducted on YouTube.

More Emphasis Placed on Authenticity

If you want your marketing campaign to be as successful as possible, you need to be authentic. Initially digital marketers started using influencers to spread good reviews about their products but consumers have wised up and are now wary of influencers and the products that they tend to recommend. After all, they are getting paid for the recommendation, so chances are that they don’t feel genuinely about the product.

The fact that influencers are so fake has actually become a bit of a meme on Instagram. There are accounts on the social media platform that are dedicated to lampooning the very idea of an influencer, and the scandalous story of Alo Yoga and the various people that it had hired to market for them on the social media platform has become a cautionary tale for any digital marketing agency that might be thinking of using influencers in its marketing campaigns.

Hence, influencers need to be padded out with other things which is where e-marketing shows you just how important it truly is. E-marketing’s focus on customer relations is what makes it such an essential part of pretty much any marketing strategy that you could potentially go for. Research has shown that 90% of millennials, who make up one of the biggest markets that you could possibly look into, feel like authenticity is extremely important. It seems like the market in general is tired of the ersatz manner in which products generally get advertised, and they want things to change as much as possible. You need to keep this in mind if you want your marketing campaigns to succeed this year.

The Best Content is Long Form

The general stereotype about content on the internet is that it needs to be short and sweet in order to be suitable for the average internet attentions span. However, people mostly think this way because of the fact that they are underestimating the people that will be reading this content. However, long form content which basically means anything that is a bit more intricate such as long, 1,000+ word blog posts or 10 minute videos are actually a lot better. This is because of the fact that they show that the brand is not just churning out content like a mill, it is genuinely focusing on creating good content.

What this does is that it makes the brand seem more authentic. If you look at the other side of the coin, short 300-400 word blog posts that are posted regularly are going to give consumers the impression that you are being mechanical about it, that you are trying to put content out there. It needs to seem effortless because of the fact that people just aren’t going to read your blog posts if they seem like they are being mechanically produced. These articles are usually low quality and readers are tired of them.

Instead of trying to save money, what you should do is focus on the content that you are creating. Hire people to write for you instead of freelancing, and offer good payments so that the content being created is the best that it can possibly be.

What We Can Learn From These Trends

E-marketing is definitely on the rise. Even where it pertains to digital marketing people are starting to take it a lot more seriously. Essentially, the whole marketing industry is beginning to understand just how important it is to care about what customers are thinking about the brand that you are currently representing.

Small businesses need to focus more on e-marketing as well because of the fact that it is going to help give them an edge over the big fish in the pond that they are attempting to occupy. However, bigger brands are probably going to continue to focus on digital marketing because of the fact that change comes slow to these big players. At the end of the day, the marketing agency itself will have to decide which road it wants to take.

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