3 Ways for Hotel Marketing to Work in Dallas-Fort Worth

In an industry that has seen continual consolidation by the big players — from the offers to purchase Starwood (from both Marriott and Anbang Insurance Group) or the purchase of the beloved Waldorf Astoria by Anbang Insurance Group last year — boutique hotels have managed to unearth quite the popularity boost. With this popularity, a challenge arises – hotel marketing!

In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we’re home to some beautiful historic spots to rest your head. Like Hotel ZaZaHotel IndigoThe JouleThe Stoneleigh. Marketing your hotel’s value above the noise of other ads and capturing last minute travelers can be super challenging when you’re going up against the big guys.

We have compiled a list of our favorite 3 hotel marketing tactics for your Dallas-Fort Worth boutique.

Managed-Service Data Providers

Companies like Sojern and Adara purchase data from meta search engines and online travel agents (OTAs) and use that data to target prospective travelers. These prospective travelers are then driven to purchase their rooms on your website vs. the meta search / OTA sites, and do a good job of pinpointing people who are actively looking to travel to your city.

They typically work on a minimum contract and bill out on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) fee for the value of their data. The best part? You receive insights on the types of people who travel and stay at your hotel beyond the standard booking data. You can answer questions like “How early do people tend to start their search process when they stay at my hotel?,” “How early do people typically book my hotel before their stay?,” and “Where do my customers begin their search when they stay with me?” These answers start playing into the rest of your marketing strategies, and the information starts becoming exponentially more valuable.

Google AdWords

Despite their relatively expensive cost per click (CPC), AdWords search targeting helps you easily target in-market travelers. For example, especially in the boutique world, Google searches for “boutique hotel dallas” are valuable to you. You know that not only is a user looking for a hotel but they are actually looking for a boutique hotel like yours.

In the Dallas-Fort Worth metro, you will spend approximately $3-5 per click. If only 3% of users convert, you will pay between $100 to $160 to drive a hotel booking.

While it is rather expensive to acquire these users, it can be a useful venture with the proper landing page optimization, ad copy, and keywords. Combine with a Remarketing List to lower acquisition costs by swaying users who seem to be on the fence. Plus, once you’ve got their emails, send occasional promotions in the near future that they can give to friends, as well as further down the road to see if you can get repeat business. Strategies like this can — in the long run — effectively offset an initially painful cost-per-acquisition.

Google Hotel Rates Ads

Google Hotel Ads are part of a pretty new product offering from Google’s ever-expanding travel vertical. These “ads” help you display your current rates to a user in the standard meta data for your hotel’s website. These ads are competitive and necessary because the same people bidding against you on search results (the OTAs and meta search engines) are also bidding against you for hotel ads.

Hotel Ads, unlike Google AdWords, can be sold on either a commission-basis or a cost-per-click basis. To set these up, you work with one of Google’s preferred data feed partners. These partners will help you connect your booking engine with Google’s technology so that there is no updating necessary to show the correct hotel rate.

This all may sound a bit daunting, but to stay relevant in such a competitive industry, step #1 is just showing up. Literally. As we say time and time again, it’s all about testing and learning the behavior of your customers’ digital patterns. There are so many opportunities to stay ahead of the digital media curve and outwit the Big Boys, but you’ve got to get moving. The above suggestions are your backbone. After that, focus on personality and differentiation. I better see a custom Snapchat filter the next time I stay in one of your rooms!

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