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A 6 Step Plan to Boost Social Media Sales

A 6 Step Plan to Boost Social Media Sales

Social media has changed pretty much every aspect of our world. Indeed, it has become a lot easier for people to start businesses because of the fact that social media is such an accessible way to get connected to an enormous range of potential customers and consumers. If you want to make big sales on social media, one of the first things that you are going to have to focus on is making a sales plan. That being said, before you decide to make a sales plan you might want to first understand why you should be focusing on a social media sales plan in the first place.

If you have a sales team, chances are that they focus on lead generation. A simple way to understand the manner in which social media can enable your sales team to get the best results possible is because of the fact that it makes lead generation a great deal easier than it would have been otherwise. Research has actually indicated that you can sell a lot more if you focus on generating leads through social media, so you definitely have a reason to look into a social media sales plan.

Customers also simply use social media to find places where they can buy things from. In fact, three quarters of all business to business buyers tend to search for vendors on social media because of the fact that it is so convenient. All you have to do is type in what you need and you are going to get an entire list of people that would be willing to give it to you, and if there is one thing that drives consumer behavior it is convenience.

So now, without further ado, here is the six step plan you should follow.

Step 1 – Get Key Stakeholders to Buy In

No matter how good your product is, it is not going to get very far without a buy in from key stakeholders. The way you need to look at it is that there are four roles that your stakeholders will have to fulfill. These roles are as follows:

  • Inspirational: Someone that comes up with the out of the box ideas.
  • Operative: Someone that keeps the machine working and pushing forward.
  • Supportive: Someone that focuses on the creative aspects of the business.
  • Logistical: Someone that allocates resources.

However, getting these key stakeholders involved is not going to be easy. Indeed, it will require a fair amount of effort on your part. Firstly, you are going to need data that shows that consumer interests are shifting. You are also going to need to show previous social selling efforts that were successful in some way. Finally, you need to create an outline of how your plan is going to roll out so that the stakeholders know what they are getting into. Try to make everything as brief and succinct as possible. These people usually don’t have any time that they can waste!

Step 2 – Describe The Arena You’re Playing In

You need to understand what social media platforms there are available on the internet, pick the ones you want to focus on and justify why you want to focus on that particular social media platform. For example, if you are a business facing enterprise you are probably going to want to look into LinkedIn for example because of the fact that this social media platform has always been popular for this purpose.

If you are a consumer facing business on the other hand, you are probably going to have a lot better luck if you decide to go for Facebook instead. This is simply because of the fact that more consumers are using Facebook in their free time and this creates a huge playground for you to find people in that might be interested in the products and services that you provide. However, one thing that you will have to keep in mind is the fact that Facebook’s algorithms are not as friendly for sales as a lot of other social media platforms out there, so you will have to take this into account while creating the rest of your plan.

Step 3 – Walk The Talk

If you want your team to excel in the world of social media sales, one thing that you are going to have to do is lead by example. Get involved in the process and show them how it is done. Create sales posts that you can show to them, and describe what you are doing in the most vivid detail that you can possibly manage. The important thing to remember here is that a sales plan is only as good as the team that is creating it, so if you want your team to excel you can’t just leave them to their own devices. You will have to give them a clear direction as well as examples that they can follow on their own road to success.

Make posts and show the results of certain activities to your team members. For example, make the members of your team all like one of your posts. What this will do is that it will make the post more visible to others, thereby boosting its engagement rate. Show the end result to your team so that they know the power of just a few extra likes.

Step 4 – Make The Switchover Easy

The next thing that you are going to have to do is get everyone on the same page. This means getting all of the departments involved in the management of your company talking to one another and focusing on the various ways in which they can work together in order to make your plan a success while it is being executed.

For example, you can talk to the people responsible for the marketing of your products and ask them to give your sales team a selection of blogs that they can start talking about on social media. You can also ask them to advise your team members about how they should read these blog posts in order to get the most out of them.

You basically need to create a situation that would make sales team members use social media a lot more often in their day to day lives. This is important because of the fact that it will help them better understand the platforms that they are trying to master in an attempt to boost your sales. Frequent practice is something that is necessary for any kind of skill that you are trying to acquire.

Step 5 – Define Your Goals (And Make Them Attainable)

If you don’t have a set goal that you are trying to achieve you are going to be rather directionless, and this is going to make it rather difficult for you to achieve anything tangible in your sales strategy. There are a few things that you can work on improving, such as the amount of interactions that each post gets. You can also look at views, shares or any other kind of data that can be collected and evaluated in order to give you an idea of whether or not you are headed in the right direction.

Step 6 – Make It Sustainable, Keep Going

One of the most important things that you need to realize if you want to make your social selling strategy as successful as possible is that sustainability is the single most important thing that you need to look into. If the strategy that you are working on is not sustainable then you are not going to be able to get very far, as your team is going to get burned out and you are thus going to be left with very little to show for all of your efforts.

You should keep thinking of new ideas just in case the old ones stop working as well as they are, and ensure that your stakeholders are representing you as well as possible on the various social media platforms that you might be using. You also need to keep looking at the results of your efforts and never be afraid to change things up. More than anything what you need to realize is that this is a long term thing. You can’t just move forward into the world of social media sales thinking about short term gains. Keeping at it for the long term offers so many more unique benefits.

In Conclusion

Social media is something that can make your sales team infinitely better at what it does. It can also be used in a wide variety of other areas within your company, with the most obvious option here being marketing as well as other departments. Social media can be a highly useful tool. You should definitely try to experiment with it and see how you can use it to make your company much better at what it does.

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